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 Virtuous Ascension (Marvel Heroes Guild)

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PostSubject: Virtuous Ascension (Marvel Heroes Guild)   Virtuous Ascension (Marvel Heroes Guild) EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 4:03 pm

There once came a tyrant, a tyrant with immense ambitions towards engulfing the world with darkness. The tyrant wields an ancient artifact with the power to alter reality. That world which once held strong proponents for harmony has drastically decimated the hopes of many of us inhabiting that world and our hopes for virtue.

Amidst the darkness there is hope; there are individuals with the power to cease all devastation done by the tyrant, but it will prove to be an arduous challenge. We must unite, we must succeed, and above all else, we must ascend.

We will bring about a
Virtuous Ascension.

Virtuous Ascension (Marvel Heroes Guild) 2cf43gj
In hopes of playing Marvel Heroes as a union in a social setting, this guild is recruiting agents and executives that will love nothing more than to engage in progressing through the storyline of Marvel Heroes. This guild was made before the release of Marvel Heroes, but it kept in its regard the ideal of recruiting members beforehand and showing a stronger emphasis on the quality of the players, rather than the quantity. Of course, this guild favors no number of members and is preferable if it grows, but to distinguish the elite players from the norm, there is a concept that makes this a one-of-a-kind guild; this guild is broken into 2 “Divisions”: the S-Class Division for the Ruling Panel of Leaders and the elite agents which will house a smaller amount of passionate and competitive gamers, and also the Standard Division for the average agents which will house the fairly large amount of casual gamers.

Whatever your preference is, it is better to game with friends and fellow gamers to experience more fun out of Marvel Heroes. Not only will we team-up and mission, we will also hold lots of fun activities; they can vary from in-game challenges to tournaments, and if the game allows it, we can participate in PvP events and in guild wars.

This is the thread at the site; the website that I, Pocket, became aware of having an eager group of people whom are awaiting the game. This guild can best grow if advertised on other forums and on the actual Marvel Heroes website (once the Community tab is in effect), but the recruitment of many members at this website already ensures this guild and some of its Leaders the earliest members that will show a lot of commitment, but that is self-explanatory since this website gathered some of the most enthusiastic gamers awaiting Marvel Heroes. Currently, this guild is being advertised in another website, so some administrative membership slots might be taken.

In the ranks of this guild, any member may ask for a promotion/demotion, but must be tested to see if they are ready to rank-up (no test necessary for a demotion, only an explanation). The rules will only see heavy adjustments before the actual game comes out since we don’t know what to expect, so you can count on the rules having minimal adjustments and to be in full effect once Marvel Heroes is open. There is no penalty for inactivity for members of the Standard Division, but there is one for the S-Class Division; any member of the latter Division will be considered “M.I.A. (missing in action)” if they have shown no activity within the game or in the guild one week from their last activity. If someone is going on a vacation or is not going to be present to play Marvel Heroes, they can notify any Leader of the Ruling Panel in advance.

With everything said and done, I would like to present the early rules to the guild Virtuous Ascension...

Virtuous Ascension (Marvel Heroes Guild)

[Note: Rules are observatory, ineffective, and will meet heavy adjustments before the game is up and running]

Official members (names ordered in an alphabetical/rank fashion and by Marvel Heroes account/Marvel Heroes Hub profile):

S-Class Division:

Ruling Panel:

  • [ ]/Pocket: Chief
  • [ ]/Drakoniz: Vice Chief
  • [ ]/Ororo Munroe: Supreme Leader
  • {Open Spot}: Supreme Leader
  • {Spot taken by another member over at another website}: Executive
  • {Open Spot (x5)}: Executive

Agents: (*every agent that signs up before playing the Marvel Heroes game will be in the S-Class Division, but will have to demonstrate dedication and expert gameplay in order to retain S-Class position. 1 spot is taken by another member over at another website; however, unlimited spots remain)

Standard Division:

Agents: (3 spots taken by other members over at another website; however, unlimited spots remain)

Team concept:

  • To establish a Ruling Panel of professional gamers/team organizers
  • To gather a team of Marvel Heroes gamers and divide into two unions: an elite gaming league (dubbed "S-Class Division") and a casual gaming group (dubbed "Standard Division")
  • To embark on missions
  • To help train others
  • To host competitive tourneys/challenges/”clan wars” and fun social events
  • To discuss the game in-depth
  • To create a Marvel Heroes Character Tier List

About the Ruling Panel (group of Leaders to the guild itself):

  • The Ruling Panel has numerous privileges, many of whom the Chief possesses
  • The only possible members given a consideration to join are those from the elite league (the Leaders of the Ruling Panel are all in the elite league)
  • The number of members allowed to join is not limited, but preferable if small
  • The Ruling Panel hosts a bundle of events, including: competitive/casual missions, challenges, tournaments, and "clan wars" (if the game structure allows it)

About the guild:

About the elite league (agents):

Some preferable qualities to join the league:

  • Display a passion for the game
  • Demonstrate that you can be a superb gamer in Marvel Heroes
  • Prove that you can be on the game a considerable amount of time

Methods on getting in the league:

  • The primary route is to set up a date and time with any Leader of the Ruling Panel (excluding the Chief) via PM to have your skills tested in hard missions
  • An alternative route to join the league is to demonstrate your talent in specific fields (i.e. avatar creation/editing, usage of specific programs that may prove to be useful to the team, etc.)

About the casual group: Approval for admission to the casual group is given via any means of communication (i.e. posts, chat box, PM, etc.) to any Leader of the Ruling Panel

Membership transfer: To transfer your membership from one union to another, you must notify the Chief via PM for further instructions (if any)

Ground rules (mannerisms):

In general:

  • Communicate with others to set up a(n) elite/casual mission or event
  • Avoid spamming posts
  • Avoid providing links to inappropriate websites
  • It is permissible to talk about other topics, but it is preferable to talk only about Marvel Heroes and Marvel in general
  • Deter arguments that could prove to be problematic and gain noteworthy attention
  • Harassment /bullying of team members will not be allowed and will prevent/revoke your membership to the team

For the CBOX chat box: Report a spambot to any Leader in the chat box

For forum posts (forum terms and agreements are priority above the upcoming rules):

  • Usage of “cuss” words isn't prohibited, but is preferable if kept to a minimum
  • Only one warning is issued per member regarding any breach of the rules
  • Second failure to comply with rules will be dealt by me, the Moderator Pocket

In-game rules:

In general:

  • Elite members can play in casual missions/events
  • Casual members can’t play in elite missions/events
  • Agreement over which character to use must be dealt with prior to any mission

For competitive missions and events (elite league of players):

  • Members must have arranged a specific date to appropriate missions/battles/challenges before engaging in them
  • Competitiveness is encouraged, but it must not override carelessness/selfishness of your team members (everyone must work in unity)
  • It is forbidden to use duplicate characters
  • It is forbidden to switch out to another character in-mission

For casual missions and events (elite/casual players):

  • No spamming of a character (unless no one has a problem with that)
  • Using duplicate characters is up to the Ruling Panel to decide (rule doesn’t apply to elite players)
 matter how hard this game proves to be, no matter how long it takes to beat it, you can count on your fellow members of the Virtuous Ascension to provide insight and even aid you in countless missions, but for now, we must await the release of the game, and we will do so with eagerness to play with one another.

Ask questions you have about certain concepts of this guild; you are more than welcomed to. Here is the link to the CBOX; meet up here, chat, and formulate teams once the game hits, of course:

We look forward to enjoying Marvel Heroes with you all!
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Virtuous Ascension (Marvel Heroes Guild)
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